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Alyko Medical AB is a Nordic innovative medtech company within the healtcare sector. We are present in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

With Heart,  Commitment and 
Creativity it is our ambition to become your partner within the areas of Ophthalmology &  Cardiology.


Visian ICL

Implantable Collamer Lens - a phakic IOL instead of LASIK or PRK. The method
 is reversible and fits all types of refractive corrections.

For more information: Visian ICL 

AddOn Sulcus lens
from 1stQ

Our new product from the german manufacturer 1stQ. A sulcus lens which can be used as a compliment after cataract surgery for optimal and natural results.

See the movie below or read more: Add On

Latest news

2015 > 10

AddOn is a lens developed for Pseudophakic eyes. With a unique design it is perfect for sulcus placement.

  • With its squared shape it will not get stuck in the iris.
  • The 4 flexible haptic ears will fit most sulcus sizes and shapes.
  • Very low risk for toric rotation through a 4-point positioning.
  • Through its convex-concave design it will avoid lens touch.

The next generation Sulcus lenses

RingJect from Ophtec

RingJect is a preloaded Capsulor Tension Ring (CTR) with unique properties: 

  • Rotation selection: it can be rotated both with the clock and against for the surgeon to decide where to place the ring in the capsule.
  • EASIER: longer and thinner tip
  • SAFER: unique form pressed and more flexible material for less capsule tension.
  • QUICK DELIVERY: available in stock in 13/11 and 12/11 sizes