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PhysIOL s.a.

Fine Vision -  The first diffractive trifokal lens
The FineVision optic combines two diffractive structures adjusted to offer+3.5 D  in addition 
for myopia and +1.75 D in addition for intermediate. The lens is designed to reduce the loss of light energy which is a side-effect for all diffractive systems. This energy results in an improved vision in the intermediate distance while maintaining the vision in near and distance.

Staar Surgical Inc.

Visian ICL Implantable Collamer Lens
Staar Surgical Inc. is an american company with its European subsidiary in Switzerland.
The main product focus for Staar is Visian ICL which is an implantable Collamer IOL to correct all kinds of refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. 


1stQ GmbH

AddOn - Sulcus lenses for pseudophakic eyes
1stQ is a German company based in Mannheim. The specialize in different kind of Intraocular lenses (IOLs). They have developed a special sulcus lens - AddOn - in 4 different configurations. Spherical, toric, diffractive and SMT. 

Tracy Technologies Inc.

iTrace- combined Aberrometer & Korneal Topograf
The company is based in Houston, Texas (US) and is the leading diagnostic Ophthalmology company within the field of Aberration. They have developed both HW and SW for Abberometry. Their DLI - Dysfunctional Lens Index is quite unique.

Pressure Products Inc.

SafeSept - Transsepthal Guidewire
Specielly adapted for improved safety by transsepthal penetrations at fossa ovalis, when transsephtal Introducers are being used. Needs 77% less axial force compared to a standard transsephtal needle (measured in vitro as average for SafeSept Vs. transsephtal needle).

Topera Medical Inc.

RhythmView - elektrophysiology treatment systems within rotor technology
The RhythmView system from Topera is developed to offer Electrophysiologists a dynamic representation of the electrical activity in the heart, to support diagnosis and treatment of a variety of arrytmias, including atrial fibrlllation, atrial-takykardi and takykardi.

Ophtec BV

RingJect - Capsulor Tension Rings (CTR)
Ophtec is a leading Dutch company within Ophthalmology. With focus both on lenses and accessories. We sell and market their preloaded Capsulor Tension Ring - RingJect. 

Access Point Technologies Inc.

Map-iT diagnostic and therapeutic Electrophysiology catheters.
Access Point Technologies is a US-based company within electrophysiology based in Minnesota. They launch with pride their Map-iT diagnostic and therapeutic catheters.


UCP - a High Intensity Ultrasound system for Glaukom treatment
EyeOP1, was developed by EyeTechCare, and is the first therapeutic ultrasound machine equipped with a miniature disposable probe to treat Glaucoma. The treatment can be given in an outpatient setting and is performed under local aneasthesia. A potent treatment with a high tolerance level for the patients. 

A.R.C. Laser GmbH

Ophthalmic lasers
ARC GmbH is a german company based in Nürnberg dedicated to develop medical lasers.
ARC Laser GmbH has everything from YAG, SLT, KTP, Diode and also combination lasers.

MedFact Engineering GmbH

Irrigating Electrophysiology ablation catheters
Germany based MedFact Engineering GmbH from Lörrach in south of Germany is presenting its new, CE-marked magnetic irrigating ablation catheters, MagnoFlush. This innovative catheter 
comes with its distal electrode in either gold or platinum, both to ptimize thermal conductivity 
and minimize carbonizing and risk for trombosis.

RPS Detectors Inc

InflammaDry - Tests for dry eyes
An american company with its base in Sarasota in Florida. They are specialized in medical tests and sampling. InflammaDry is a test to show if the cause of the dry eyes is an inflammation. 

O.V.I. Optical Venture Italy

QUITIDIA - Bandage lenses with Aloe Vera
O.V.I is an Italian company which developes Bandage Contactlenses with Aloe Vera as ingredient. They are used after surface laser ablations.

Tecfen Inc.

Encore - Protection glasses after laser treatments
Tecfen is an american company from Santa Barbara in California. They are producing protection glasses, pouches and disposable knives within Ophthalmology.

ORCA Surgical

EBK - Epithilial Bowman Keratometry
An Israeli company specialized in a device to remove the epithelial layer before a surface ablation with laser. EpiClear is their disposable brush to remove the epithelial.

Presbia Inc.

Flexivue - The only refractive Corneal Inlay
Presbia with its innovative technology has developed a Refractive Inlay lens for the correction of presbyopia. A corneal pocket is created by a femtosecond laser where the Flexivue Microlens is implanted. The lens is 3,2 mm in diameter and only 15 microns thick at the edge.

AJL Ophthalmic S.A

Intraocular lenses
AJL is a spanish manufacturer from Minano and produces and develops products within cataract- & refractive surgery within Ophthalmology.

Katalyst Inc.

Hand Instruments for Ophthalmology
Katalyst is a US-based company from Chesterfield. They are an innovative Instrument maker both in the posterior- and anterior segment.

Sensor Medical Technology Inc.

Disposable diagnostic lenses
Sensor Medical Technology has developed their sterile disposable diagnotic lenses to avoid all kind of risks of contamination from a reusable lens.


Accomodating Intraocular lenses for presbyopic patients
Medicem is a Swiss owned company originally from Checkien. Prof. Wichterle was the Inventor of the soft contact lens which material is the foundation for this lens, WIOL-CF. The company is specialized in an accomodating lens for presbyopic patients. 

Mile High Opthalmics

A Ring (Caliper) for a more perfect Capsulor Rhexis
MilesHigh has developed a ring to be placed on the capsule to be used as a caliper when performing the Capsulor Rhexis. This will make the opening more round and precize in size.

Surgilum Inc.

Gyro based marker for toric lenses
Surgilum has with Gyro-technology developed an instrument to mark the toric alignment on the eye before the implantation of a toric IOL .The eye is marked with a pre-coloured disposable tip.