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Product description

The RoboMarker is the first and only corneal marker with a hidden pendular weight system balanced between two high precision ball-bearings. Utilizing a gravity-based system ensures the RoboMarker’s ring dial maintains your chosen axis, allowing you to focus on marking the cornea rather than trying to keep the device level.

Aligning your marks with the correct axis is easy and extremely accurate. Simply rotate the RoboTip until its arrow marker indicates the desired axis, and the RoboMarker will maintain that axis.

The RoboMarker utilizes pre-inked, sterile, disposable tips allowing a one-step marking process. You no longer are plagued with waiting on the autoclave or locating gentian violet marking pens.

Our unique dried gentian violet solution gives marks which last up to two hours. This allows marking of multiple patients preoperatively with the assurance that the axis marks will be waiting for you when your patient is prepped and draped.




Patient approach

Fixation light