Product description

Optic: Biconvex aspheric aberration-correcting (-0.11 µ SA)
Material: 26% hydrophilic acrylic
Filtration: UV and blue light blocker
Optic body diameter: 6.00mm
Overall diameter: 11.40mm
Refractive index: 1.46
Angulation: 5°
Spherical power: from +6D to +30D (0.5D steps)
Cylinder power:
10-30.0D. Cylinder -1.50 -2.25 -3.00 -3.75D -4.50 -5.25 -6.00
6 -9.5D. Cylinder -1.50 -2.25 -3.00 -3.75 ( Cyl. 4.5 / 5.25  6.0 on demand)

Injection: Medicel Accuject
Incision size: ≥2.0mm
Square edge: 360°

Suggested constants for IOL power calculation:
Hoffer Q: pACD=5.59 (interferometry) 5.35 (US)
Holladay 1: Sf=1.83 (interferometry) 1.57 (US)
SRK II: A=119.31 (interferometry) 119.06 (US)
SRK/T: A=118.95 (interferometry) 118.73 (US)
Haigis*: a0=1.36, a1=0.40, a2=0.10 (interferometry)
a0=1.13, a1=0.40, a2=0.10 (US)
*Not optimized
*Olsen C-Constants: RI=1.46, LT=1.12, AR/PR= 11.67/-11.67, ACD=4.60, SA=-0.11

Technical data

A dedicated Monofocal toric IOL for astigmatism and refractive correction

Optimized rotation stability and increased flexibility at injektion. 
Calculate Ankoris on: www.physioltoric.eu