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FOX Diode laser


Product description

Fox Diodlaser - Exact and reliable
The FOX Laser frrom A.R.C. GmbH Laser is the only laser to be calibrated laser in the world. No other system has this advantage. The FOX laser is the only laser, that in a reliably way, can provide you with the desired effect. 

• The FOX laser sets a new standard in safety.

• The educational video is seen directly on the screen

• The educational videos can be saved on a USB-stick, which is standard delivery with the Fox laser. The films appears on the screen when selected from the menu.

• Green aiming beam, which improves the direction and the exact observation during the treatment.

• The FOX gives you a better overview with a point screen. The modern point screen in colour has a very easy guide: you can set and change the settings intuitively.

• It is mobil and conviniently battery driven which makes it mobile and you can perform the treatment wherever you want. You can transport the Fox laser in the supplied case.

• The FOX laser is both flexible and innovative

Technical data

Laser diode
Wavelength– Output power

  • 810 nm: 8 watt
  • 940 nm: 4 watt
  • 980 nm: 12 watt
  • 1064 nm: 10 watt

Puls length:, adjustable 0,1 ms to cw
Puls interval: 0,1 ms to cw
Aiming beam: green 532 nm, < 1 mW
Dimension: 142 x 163 x 174 mm
Weight: 1,2 kg operative
Power supply: 220 V or battery driven