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Product description

Pressure Products

SafeSept Transseptal Guidewire

• Specially designed for improved safety to cross the interatrial septum at the fossa ovalis when supported by a transseptal introducer.
• Requires 77% less force than a typical transseptal needle*
• *Calculated from average transseptal needle and transseptal guidewire puncture forces during in vitro design qualification testing

SafeSheath Introducers  & Sealing Adapters
• A complete line of peel-away, hemostatic introducers for vascular access. Available in a wide variety of French sizes, the SafeSheath, SafeSheath II, and SafeSheath Ultra also feature an infusion side port and come in standard and long lengths.

Technical data

  • SS-135 135 cm Transseptal Guidewire with Radiopaque Coil (Box/5 ea.)  
  • SSNF NEW 150 cm Needle free Transseptal Guidewire with Radiopaque Coil (Box/5 ea.)