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Product description


MagnoFlush and MagnoBlate:
Irrigated and non Irrigated Magnetic Ablation Catheters for robotic navigation like the Stereotaxis System and the Magnetecs System with different sized electrode tips in Gold and Platinum.

EasyFlush H and EasyBlate H:
Irrigated and non-Irrigated Remote Ablation Catheters for the Hansen System. Available in Gold and Platinum.

EasyFlush and EasyBlate:
Irrigated and non-Irrigated Manually Steerable Ablation Catheters with excellent torque and easy to handle with 4mm Gold tip for improved  thermal conductivity and minimized carbonization risk.

EasyMap MAP
Diagnostic and Pacing Catheter for Recording Monophasic Action-Potentials (MAP) and for pacing.