Visian ICL

This is the STAAR Calculator for Visian ICL (OCOS), to obtain your login please contact us:
 tel:  + 46 (0) 46 540 98 94

  • Login with your e-mail address and password 
  • Calculate for best suitable lens for the patient and select the lens you want from the list. 
  • Send us the reservation!

Some Tips & Tricks!

If the lens you want is not in stock you can place a manufacturing order.

Note that a patient often has the same lengths on both eyes (OD & OS). 

WtW - an average value is the best, the more measurements - the better. Preferables from more than 1 machine.
If you chose between 2 values and one is the extreme, go center and chose one of the mid values  (myopic 12.6 & 13.2, hyperopic 12.1 & 12.6) 

To avoid delivery delays - You can select a Toric ICL from inventory that has another axis than you need and rotate the lens up to 20º