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Here you can calculate FineVision Toric and Ankoris lenses from our manufacturer PhysIOL. 
  • Choose between Abulafi-Kock Calculator (uses regression formula and the backside corneal astigmatism) or regular K-value formula.
  • Login and fill out all values for the patient. 
  • Send your order to us by clicking on "send", and write in our mail-address, we will receive it directly as a mail from you. You can also save/print the calculation as a pdf-file and mail to us: 

Note: Don´t forget to write the name of the clinic and who order the lens!

TIPS & Tricks!
Remember that you need to push the button "calculate" to calculate the lens for the second/new eye. The values will not update before you have done this. 

You can select both FineVision Toric and Ankoris, make sure you have selected the correct lens for each  patient. 

Over- & undercorrections can now be selected.