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Our vision

With the future in sight

Alyko MEDICAL AB is focused on providing the best possible service and support to our Nordic customers within the healthcare segment. With  innovative and high quality products and our dedication to support and help we will be a reliable partner. All our products will be of highest quality and all be CE-marked. Training, support and education of the healthcare professionals will be our way to insure the correct usage for the right indication. We will continously strive to improve and change with the aim in improving the QUALITY. 

Our values are:


Our Business idea

Alyko Medical AB will distribute innovative medtech solutions to Nordic customers mainly within Ophthalmology & Cardiology with the highest service and flexibility  

Our vision

Alyko MEDICALAB  is focused on giving our Nordic customers within Healthcare sector the best service and suppport.
With innovative and high quality products in combination with our strive for high service, we will become a reliable partner with the ambition to move boarders.

Amor vincit omnia

Alyko Beach, Naxos, Greece
Alyko Beach, Naxos, Greece